Just the FAQ’s Ma’am, the Check Engine Light is On

Q. Why is my check engine light on? A. The check engine light or “malfunction indicator light” is turned on by the computers that actually run and then monitor how well your engine, transmissions and other systems are performing. The goal of the guys building your car was to get the lowest possible emissions and

Wild Automotive Trivia You Didn’t Know

– Over 90% of car owners admit to singing behind the wheel. Do you think other 10% is telling the truth? – The largest number of people ever to fit into a Smart Car is 19: they were Pakistani female students in 2010. – The longest bridge over water is the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in

Solar Powered Santa Cruz

With endless news stories and scientific studies coming out day after day, it is very wise to be on the lookout for an alternative to gas, coal and nuclear energy. Not only are these types of power expensive, it’s also harmful to the environment, hard to get and process, and we only have so much

Bosch Service Center for Santa Cruz

Dynamic view of the modern car, front view There is a massive array of cars out there that you might choose to drive. Whether you choose to drive a truck, car, SUV, or any other sort of vehicle, you need to maintain it and make sure that it is performing at its peak. This makes

Think Local Santa Cruz Import Car Repair Center

Think Local Santa Cruz Import Car Repair Center Specialized Auto is proud to be affiliated with Think Local Santa Cruz. Think Local Santa Cruz is a network of local business owners and community organizations, working together to promote the ideals of shopping local, eating local and promoting the availability of local services. Think Local Santa

Green Car Repair – Member of the Monterey Bay Area Green

Green Car Repair – Member of the Monterey Bay Area Green Specialized Auto is proud to be a Certified Green Business by the Monterey Bay Area Green mbagb-logo Business Program. As a member of the Monterey Bay Green Business Program, Specialized Auto complies with all regulations and program standards for environmental efficiency, resource conservation and

Welcome to the Specialized Auto Blog

Welcome to the Specialized Auto Blog! Thank you for visiting our website and our new blog. We are looking forward to providing informative and entertaining content for the Santa Cruz and Freedom area’s. Specialized Auto has been part of the Santa Cruz community for many years. Our Freedom, CA location offers the same great service